Chesford Electronics has over 20 years experience in design of electronic and electromechanical products.

We can fulfill your product life cycle requirements from prototyping through to production ready, contract manufacturing to installation and maintenance.

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Recent developments

RFID multireader for cryogenic samples

Our unique RF design allows the reading of 100 medical sample RFIDs in a few seconds at cryogenic storage temperatures. The multireader interfaces with any computer system and with locally installed and browser based software packages.

Golf tournament game for on course marketing

Golfers can enjoy a new challenge competing against each other in local and national sponsored tournaments. While they pitch at a multi-zone target in the form of the sponsor's logo, a touchscreen shows their score and the sponsors marketing. Games can be monitored and refreshed remotely.

Individual cigar dispensing mechanism

Individual cigars can be problematic to dispense from ordinary vending machines. Our unique vending mechanism automatically aligns and dispenses the product no matter how badly the machine has been reloaded and can find application in the vending of any cylindrically shaped product.